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Therapeutic Services

Therapy seeks to heal emotional challenges like depression and anxiety through communication with a trained professional. In other words, we talk about what's been on your mind. You bring your expertise on who you are. We bring our expertise on how the mind works. Together we create the ideal environment for healing and growth. 

What is Therapy?

This practice is geared towards meeting the needs of women. From the challenges of adolescence to the shock of having an empty nest and everything in between. We believe that the struggles that occur across a woman's lifespan deserve special attention and an approach that specifically meets her needs. Your experience is valid and deserves to be healed!


Eating Disorders are a group of very serious but treatable physical and mental conditions that impact a person’s ability to have an adaptive relationship with food and exercise. This unhealthy relationship can arise for a number of reasons but most commonly stems from body image dissatisfaction. Oftentimes this dissatisfaction is so intense that a person will feel forced to resort to extreme measures to relieve the negative feelings they are experiencing. Recovery from these symptoms is possible! Our approaches include Family-Based Treatment (for children, adolescents, and young adults with social support) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Enhanced (for adults). 

Eating Disorders

The process of bringing a child into the world is a momentous event that is both beautiful and overwhelming at the same time. Becoming a mother represents the beginning of a new phase in a woman's life. A moment where she is challenged with nurturing and raising a child while at the same time attempting to integrate this new identity as a mother with the woman she was prior. This transition is often a tumultuous one that can lead to feelings of extreme sadness, anxiety, and exhaustion. Using a cognitive behavioral approach, relief from these symptoms is possible! There are also at-home visits and online sessions available to meet the unique needs of new mothers.


It is well-documented that women who are members of historically oppressed ethnic groups often  experience significant stress navigating everyday situations in the United States. This is also true for individuals who have recently immigrated from economically destabilized countries. Dealing with the effects of systemic racism, discrimination, and living in "two worlds" can create anxiety and depression that require a level of cultural sensitivity, training, and attention to relieve. Your experience is valid and deserves to be healed!

Racial and Cultural Stress


"Sometimes things just don't work out," they say. But if you've ever loved and lost, or ended a longstanding friendship, or experienced conflict with a family member, you know there's so much more to it than that. Beginning a new relationship, navigating a tough spot in an established relationship, or processing the grief of a failed relationship are all things perfectly suited to the therapeutic space. Therapy offers the opportunity to increase self-awareness, improve emotional intelligence, and learn new communication skills; all things integral to cultivating and maintaining a satisfying and healthy connection with the most important people in your world.


Life has a way of throwing us off balance. Even when the change is welcomed, it can still leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsure of yourself, and stressed about what's to come. The good news is that there is nothing inherently bad about change. This means that how we view and interpret the change can have a huge impact on our experience. Therapy is a particularly effective approach for teaching new coping strategies and training the mind to test out new perspectives: keys for relieving the stress, anxiety, and depression that often accompany life transitions.

Life Transitions

Professional growth isn't only for those who have it figured out. Deciding how you're going to make a living can be a tough decision to make. Oftentimes we make this decision at a time when we know very little about who we are going to become. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes the decision can leave you confused, stressed, and unsure of what decision to make next. For others, you reach a point in your career when the coping mechanisms that have been so important to your success are now starting to create more problems than anything else. Therapy offers a great opportunity to discuss these concerns and receive professional feedback and guidance on how to capitalize on your strengths and build up your "areas for growth".

Professional Development
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